The Cooperativa Agrícola dos Olivicultores de Murça, CRL (CAOM) is a cooperative of growers dedicated to the reception, extraction, storage and marketing of olive oil of its 984 cooperative, providing some services support to their farmers. With the sustained production in the olive grove Traditional Montes, together with the microclimate of the Municipality of Murça (transition between land and land-cold-hot transmontana), meet the conditions necessary to produce a product with its own identity and distinct. The CAOM business focuses on the marketing of high quality olive oil, being inserted in the Protect Denomination of Origin “Azeite de Trás-os-Montes,” distinguished by its odd products, with unique and valued by consumers of their products. We offer our customers a diverse product range, through various trademarks, with different options, always stressing the intrinsic quality of marketed products.