Cortijo de Suerte Alta is a family estate located in Albendín, Baena, in the Córdoba province, owned by Manuel Heredia. It comprises an area of 255 hectares with olive trees that are between 40 and 100 years old, with traditional varieties of the region: Picudos, Picuales and Hojiblancos. Planted intermingled in order to favor pollination and to control different production between crops. In 1986 Manuel Heredia, Marquis of Prado inherits the premises, property of the family since the 14th century, becoming the current owner and taking over Suerte Alta. In 1996 we started the conversion of the farm to organic under the supervision of the C.A.A.E (Organic Agriculture Committee of Andalucía) in order to guarantee the absence of any residue in the oil and to maintain the soil´s richness of life and nutrients. In 2006 we built the new oil press in the center of the farm to close the production cycle within the premises and to manufacture an exclusive Extra Virgin olive Oil which satisfies four characteristics: • Family Estate Produced and Bottled • Organic Farming • Designation of Origin Baena • SIQUEV Seal by Qv Extra Our Olive Oils secret is knowing how to combine family olive-picking tradition and history with the latest production methods, maintaining the strictest control over the process from flower to final bottled product with the strictest essential criteria.