With more than 70 years of history, but with the same dream from day one, the cooperative continues to strive to maintain the good work of the liquid gold that irrigates its fields.
Grown with love and care, Baena Designation of Origin olives are harvested at the perfect ripening point and transformed into natural olive juice with the highest health and quality guarantees.
Every year, this work is recognised a little more with awards such as the PDO BAENA Gold medal, finalists in the Cordoba Provincial Council awards in 2021, Silver medal in the Mezquita Awards 2020 and entry into the “EVOOLEUM 2020 TOP 100 AWARD,” which includes the 100 finest oils worldwide, as well as a number of other recognitions in China, Japan, Italy, Germany, etc.
MONTEOLIVA continues with the tradition of making extra virgin olive oils from the finest olives produced by its farmers.