The Olive Oil Cartel is established by a young couple that followed their dreams to establish an olive grove in Morocco.
Located at the foot of the famous Atlas Mountains and a short drive away from the Atlantic ocean, you will find the largest olive oil grove of the region. With over 350 acres and more than 80.000 trees, the Olive Oil Cartel has established a fully solar-powered, organic olive grove that ships world wide.
Our high quality, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mono-varietal and comes from our single-source family farm.
Each olive is selectively picked by hand at the peak of ripeness and cold-pressed in the evening of the same day. This ensures the highest level of polyphenols and the best taste.
We cold-press our Olive Oil via brand new Pieralisi Machinery.
Angela, the co-owner of the Olive Oil Cartel was born and raised in The Netherlands where equality between men and women are taken into high consideration. At our olive grove, we were able to close the gender pay gap between men and women providing them with equal pay. We are proud that one day we can pass on our family business to our daughter Sarah and maybe even a future baby.
We hope you enjoy our EVOO and it is our honor to participate in your competition.

Warm greetings from our olive grove,

Sarah, Angela and Abdel


United States (US)