Grand-Agro LLC was registered in 23.01.2017 and started its activity in April 2017. Areas in use of the company are located in Gala, Turkan, Hovsan, Ramana, Zira, Shuvalan areas of Absheron Peninsula. The main activity of Grand-Agro LLC is gardening. Currently, the company is building olive and almond orchards in Absheron Peninsula. The company’s future plans include the construction of an oil-producing plant, the construction of greenhouse systems in the Absheron Peninsula and the development of garden areas. These are our main achievements: 1. The company celebrated the planting of the millionth tree 2. Grand Agro Extra Virgin olive oil produced by our company was awarded the bronze medal at the London International Olive Oil Competition (London IOOC) OLIVEA TM belongs to Grand Agro LLC. The company specializes in olive growing and processing. Being the largest olive plant owner in Caucasus region the company aims to be a leading olive products producer in the region. OLIVEA is a product that is created to take the needs of our customers into account. Thoroughly researching the consumer needs, we brought our products to a highest quality. OLIVEA TM target consumers care about their health and are active in their social lives. The main mission of the product is to provide its consumers a solution for healthier and happier life.