Quinta do Juncal is the reference Olive Oil brand marketed by the company Fio Dourado, Lda. It appears as a tribute to the several generations of olive oil producers that this family represents. The development of techniques and technologies in the management of our olive groves and mill has today the 6th generation dedicated to olive oil production. We accompany the olive groves throughout the year so that we can guarantee the quality of the raw material, harvested at its optimal moment of maturation and processed in our mill, on the very day of harvest, thus ensuring the excellent quality of our oils. “Born in the D’Oiro cradle” is the feeling of dedication that we attribute to our Olive groves that so well produce the best selection of olives, for the production of olive oil because only from the best raw material can we produce unique and differentiated oils. “Pure as the olives give it” is the production motto of all our oils, making clear the purity with which we face this liquid gold. “The best way to prove the truth” is the commitment that we assure you and above all, an auction that we defend for the excellence of the product we sell.