Accademia Olearia is a farm that has been producing excellent and high quality oils for four generations. It does so from one of the areas most suited to this cultivation: the countryside of Alghero in sunny Sardinia, a land of olive groves and great oils in the center of the Mediterranean.

Accademia Olearia, today, means great excellence of Italian oil.

In recent years, the company has established itself at the top of Italian olive production, obtaining the most important national awards and winning prestigious international awards.

How do Accademia Olearia oils have such a special taste and such high quality characteristics?

It is the result of several elements: the high quality of the plants, carefully selected; the particularities of the land and the uncontaminated nature in which they are cultivated; the daily attention and care in the growth of plants; the choice of methods of cold oil extraction, to preserve the quality of the olives; respect for tradition and its canons; the great commitment and hard work of the Fois family and the entire team that makes up the staff of the Accademia Olearia company.

These are some of the elements that make the great results achieved possible.

But let’s see everything in more detail.

The Giuseppe Fois Farm – Accademia Olearia was born in Alghero in the early 1900s.

For four generations the Fois family has been cultivating, harvesting and processing the olives that grow in the lands surrounding the city of Alghero. Today it is managed with dedication and passion directly by Giuseppe Fois and his family, personally following all the processing stages, from cultivation to transformation.


The cultivated area covers an area of ​​200 hectares with about 25,000 olive trees, mainly Bosana cultivars, supplemented by the presence of other native and national cultivars, with the aim of improving and enriching the organoleptic and qualitative characteristics of the oils produced.

The favorable climate, the selection of olive tree crops, skilful processing and in a modern oil mill with constant control of all the process parameters give life to the precious fruity extra virgin olive oil from the Accademia Olearia di Giuseppe Fois.


The olive harvest is carried out with the help of mechanical means and exclusively from the plant, as soon as the fruits begin to ripen, from mid-October to the entire month of December. The olives are pressed in a modern two-phase continuous cycle plant with a capacity of 40 ql / h, within a maximum time of 12 hours from harvesting.


The Accademia Olearia Srl operates in a modern factory that insists on an area of ​​over 4,000 square meters built with particular attention to protecting the environment with the use of alternative energy sources.

It has a 60 kWh photovoltaic system that makes it completely self-sufficient in relation to the electricity needs. The production of hot water and for heating is guaranteed by a peanut boiler that uses the same waste as the olive processing.

The attention to nature is also evidenced by the production of a line of oils exclusively from organic farming, such as Sardinia DOP Fruttato Verde oil.


Accademia Olearia oils are characterized by a fresh and intense fruitiness, balanced on the palate with herbaceous and fruity hints and are sold and distributed throughout the country and in major foreign markets, from Europe to Asia, the United States and Japan.

Among the main labels of the company we recommend: Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois, Producer’s Reserve, Fruttato Giuseppe Fois, Fruttato DOP from Sardinia, Sardinia DOP from Organic Agriculture and Novello.


Among the many prizes won in recent years by the oils of Giuseppe Fois’s company we remember: Three Golden Leaves of the Gambero Rosso Italian Oils Guide for the Bosana Monocultivar, Fausto Borella’s Crown Master of Oil for the Green Fruity, National Gold of the Mediterranean for the Producer’s Reserve, Slow Food Grande Olio 2020 award for Bosana Fruttato Verde, Extra Gold Bio Fruttato Verde award, Golden Glass award for Sardinia DOP Fruity oil, Olivinus Gran Prestigio ORO award for the Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois. These are just some of the awards given over the last year to the products of this exceptional company.

Accademia Olearia is today a true Italian excellence and allows you to receive its products directly at home, thanks to a simple and quick ecommerce. You can find out everything on