We begin in 2012 from Lorenzo’s passion for olive growing, when he recovered the management of the family olive grove in Castelfidardo (AN), Marche Region in Italy, in order to produce a very high-quality oil: Olio Poldo.  Lorenzo is also a professional olive oil taster!

We have 4 varieties of olive trees: Raggia, Leccino, Coratina and Picholine, from which the monocultivars are born. The extra virgin olive oil is called monocultivar when the olives from which it is extracted come from the same type of plant.

Our “Blend” is the olive oil obtained mixing different types of monocultivars to create a balance of flavors that satisfies all tastes.

We also produce flavoured and seasoning oils, made with extra virgin olive oil and white or black truffle, lemon, or chili peppers.

Our specific machinery helps to collect olives in a semi-manual way. Within 12/24 hours from collection the olives are turned into extra virgin olive oil through a three-phase centrifuge machinery with knives. Throughout the process temperature never exceeds 26/27 degrees Celsius.

Come and visit us and our olive grove! Reservations are requested.

Send us a request and visit our website https://www.oliopoldo.it/