When OLIVKO was born, the new era of quality extra virgin olive oil had started in the Tunisian olive oil industry. Our approach was very different, we focused purely on the Tunisian varieties of olives, what our ancestors left for us from the Phoenician time, which has a very high polyphenol compound. We were first recognised in 2018 at London’s international olive oil competition being accredited the health award.

We at Olivko really care about the nurture that goes into all our oil.

We have kept what we learned from our ancestors but have added the latest technologies in order to preserve all the healthy compounds of extra virgin olive oil. We keep it simple, natural and healthy so that the consumer’s experience, becomes a fantastic journey into tastes and flavors.

Every bottle is special and should be treated with the same level of care.

One of our entries this year can be described as:

Nose: Green, freshly cut grass, apple, banana, green almond, flowers, aromatic flowers, vanilla, fig, pear, basil, licorice.

Palate: Very balanced, sweet at the beginning then an aftertaste of green olives and strawberries.

Altogether a very complex, persistent and aromatic juice.