Birsen Pehlivan is a certified olive oil taster and international judge in more than 20 competitions worldwide. She holds an MSc degree in Olive Oil Chemistry and Processing Technologies and BSc degree in Food Engineering. She has been working in olive oil production for more than 20 years in her own country.

She currently manages the chemical and sensory testing laboratory of Turkey’s top olive oil exporter.

 Birsen has a reputation among the Turkish olive oil producers as the ‘teacher’ that always answers your questions.

She is one of the first olive oil experts that has invited many qualified international experts that work on olive oil in Turkey and organized workshops. Through these workshops and seminars and her guidance and support the quality and branded olive oil production in Turkey has risen and put Turkey and Turkish brands in the international competitions winning lists and best of countries.

This year the first international olive oil competition in Turkey the “Anatolian IOOC”, is organized by Birsen Pehlivan. This competition is one of her dreams she has about the “olive tree and its golden liquid” in the lands.