The extra virgin olive oil “ELAIA PSYCHIS” is a quality olive oil with a fruity delicate taste that has been produced for twelve years by the Social Cooperative “Diaplous”. Its extraction is done by the method of cold pressing in a certified olive mill that meets all quality standards while our olive trees are allowed to produce their fruits without special interventions. It is a unique product for the Greek reality which, apart from its quality, hides in it the mental power of the people who produce it.

The Social Cooperative “Diaplous” is one of the first institutionalized cooperatives in Greece that deals with the psychosocial and professional rehabilitation of individuals from vulnerable groups. After a difficult course of 16 years, it has a steady employment of more than 75 employees in various business sectors, one of which is the production of olive oil. The cooperative manages the entire olive grove of the psychiatric hospital located in Chaidari, Attica, Greece, while people with psychosocial problems are employed seasonally to collect the olives.

Our olive oil is thoroughly tested every year and every time its quality is confirmed while its refined aroma pleasantly surprises us every time. Our first participation in an international competition brought the official confirmation of something we already knew: a bronze award in the category of quality, at the Berlin Olive Oil Awards 2020. Our joy was great as in addition to the reward for quality, symbols of social character and solidarity emerge: from the land where the olive trees are located to the people who collect this blessed fruit.

The “ELAIA PSYCHIS” olive oil is packaged in a certified packaging plant and is available in a 750 ml bottle and a 5 liter metal package. You will find it in selected stores in Athens, Greece.