Yanni’s Olive Grove is a family company located at Nea Tenedos, in Halkidiki peninsula, in northern Greece, produces early harvest extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) and olive food products only from Halkidiki olive tree varieties. The company bears over 50 top international quality & high phenolic awards.

Yanni’s company basic belief is the creation of the highest quality olive food products which is ensured by the continuous improvement of the production process, which is under the care of the American Farm School. 

The individualization is combined with a “green” integrated management system, a unique high-tech cultivation system named “gaia sense”, which was applied for the first time in Europe on Yanni’s olive groves as a “pilot” olive tree cultivator and a unique QR CODE traceability system.

The company achieves the maximum environmental protection through packaging materials recycling and waste management in combination with the production of the highest product quality.

According to the instructions of the IOOC, the harvest is done only with hands and the olive fruits are transported within a few hours in ventilated plastic crates at the separator. They are sorted and immediately transported either at the oil mill or at the processing area if they are going to be in the olive snacks. The EVOO extraction process takes place at a low temperature, the storage is in nitrogen and controlled temperature conditions. The bottling takes place with nitrogen ensuring the maximum quality.

The first global clinical trial evaluating the effects of extra virgin olive oil in patients with Alzheimer’s disease applied by Greek researchers and clinical doctors.

Yanni’s company produces a series of innovative olive snacks which consists of Greek Halkidiki olives containing dried fruits. These products were recently launched in the North America’s market. Their philosophy is based on the Mediterranean Healthy Diet (MeDi), and on that ground these new olive snacks are perfect for healthy snacking. Among others the low salty, the sour and the sweet taste are harmonically combined, offering a pleasant and sweet aftertaste in the end. The main point of the olive snacks is the unique natural sweet taste combined with the ultimate healthiness because of the lack of sugar, preservatives, and salt. At the same time, they are liquid free and with high energy value but with low calories from fat and a shelf-life of 12 months. It is ideal for diabetics, vegans, and people suffering from heart diseases besides any type of diets.  

Yanni’s Olive Grove company supports many scientific studies and among them the MICOIL study, regarding the EVOO benefits in humans, collaborating with the Alzheimer Hellas Association and two of the greatest Greek Universities, the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the National & Kapodistrian University in Athens (NKUA). As the study’s main sponsor Yanni’s company offered the EVOO for 12 months. Yanni’s EVOO is being produced in a completely natural way, without the use of chemical solvents or other additives, and it is the pure fruit juice of the Halkidiki olive tree.

The purpose of this randomized trial was to evaluate the effects of different kinds of EVOO on amnesic patients diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), which leads to Alzheimer’s disease and it has been already published in one of the greatest American medical journals, named “Journal of Alzheimer’s” and titled ” A randomized clinical trial of Greek High Phenolic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Mild Cognitive Impairment: the MICOIL pilot study”.

As a main result, Micoil study indicates the impressive Yanni’s EVOO health benefits regarding the protection against the oxidation of blood lipids with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties. In this prospective study of Greek elderly, community-dwelling, MCI cohort, the consumption of Greek high phenolic early harvest EVOO and Mild Phenolic EVOO, in addition to the Mediterranean Diet (MeDi), were associated with better general cognitive performance especially regarding global cognition, letter fluency, and stability of MCI after 12 months compared to the control group. Based on that Prof. M. Tsolaki commended “To date, there is no other study that has examined in such detail the effects of extra virgin olive oil on the elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment as an effective solution for cognitive impairment”.

The scientific team consists of the Professor Magda Tsolaki of the Department of Neurology of the AUTH and Chair of Greek Federation of Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers: Eftychia Lazarou, Machi Kozori, Niki Petridou, Irene Tabakis, Ioulietta Lazarou, Maria Karakota, Iordanis Saoulidis, Dr. Eleni Melliou (Chair of World Olive Center for Health – WOCH), and the Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacy of University of Athens, Prokopios Magiatis.

A previous paper has been already published in “Journal of Alzheimer’s” titled “Administration of the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in mild cognitive impairment (MCI) patients as a therapy for preventing the progress to AD”, awarded with the second prize by the 5th International Medical Olympiad. This paper is part of the MICOIL study with the scientific team consisting of E. Tzekaki, M. Tsolaki, A. Pantazaki, G. Geromichalos, E. Lazarou, M. Kozori, Z. Sinakos. There are four more papers soon to be published and all of them are parts of the main MICOIL study. A food supplement enriched in Vit. E & K based on the early harvest high phenolic Halkidiki EVOO named MICOIL and will be launched to the global market in Spring 2021 by Yanni’s Olive Grove.

The early harvest EVOO based on this study’s results named Yanni’s Finest is now available in many stores and in Amazon and the olive snacks have already been imported in the US market. In the UK’s market the fresh Yanni’s Finest EVOO is available in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.