Mesimeri is an extra virgin olive oil pure & genuine, like the land of Messinia that has been giving birth to it for 4.500 years.

Kostas Spyropoulos and Angeliki Markopoulou are the initiators of Mesimeri. A chemical engineer and a graduate of French language and literature, with a common life, have returned to their land. They brought together their inherent love for it with the memories and the flavours. They brought in a fresh approach to, and knowledge of, trees and fruits and created something more than an excellent olive oil. They created an idea. The unique experience of the Greek summer afternoon – the Greek Mesimeri. It starts from the extra virgin olive oil and reaches as far as the Mediterranean sun.

Our olive trees grow and thrive in the most natural way. We follow an environmentally friendly cultivation process through all the stages. Without interventions and use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

The limited number of production and our principle for every harvest not to exceed 3 tons, give MESIMERI the value of a delicacy.

Mesimeri poem «Inside trees bathing in the sun and fruits, it matured along with us. The dream of a summer afternoon which you are now holding».

Mesimeri is the poem, which we want to be recited in the kitchens of the world.

Award Winner: Gold Award in the International Competition, Canada International Olive Oil Competition 2021
Bronze Award at Health & Nutrition Olympia Awards, organized by the World Olive Center