This is a cold-extracted extra-virgin olive oil made from olives handpicked on our family farm in Umbria, the “green heart of Italy.” We grow and blend different varieties, the majority being frantoio, for fruity fragrance; leccino for peppery spice; moraiolo for a touch of bitterness; and pendolino for earthy smoothness.

Rastrello Olio di Oliva extra vergine.

Rastrello is the Italian word for the small hand rake used to gently pluck ripe olives from the tree. For us, it’s the symbol of family and friends coming together in the olive grove to share the age-old beauty of the harvest. Most of our 900 trees are more than four centuries old, and we treat them with love and respect. We prune deeply so every branch has plenty of light and fresh air. We harvest early in the season, when the yields are lower, but the flavors and aromas are richer and more complex. And we mill each batch on the day it was picked, so the olives are pressed at their peak of freshness.

The result is an extraordinary hand-crafted oil. We love how it magically makes everything taste better, and we hope you will too.