Ecolive Olives has been producing “Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, which is a natural olive oil variety with the products obtained from the valuable olive trees in the Mediterranean village, and green olives (cakisdes) prepared with traditional methods.Our products, which are located in the most exclusive market shelves of Northern Cyprus, are always the most elegant product. In addition to providing quality products to the consumer, we do not neglect to offer quality packaging.

Ecolive, which operates with the understanding of “Boutique Facility” and offers only the products it produces, produces in its facility located in the olive groves in Akdeniz Village and uses glass packaging in all its products considering the health of the consumer. Our biggest feature that distinguishes us from other olive oil brands is that the product we produce and packaging every year is of the same quality and only our product, and that we do not use mixed olive oil.


Country: CYPRUS