We continued the previous generation’s traditional procedures at all the stages of production, from the biological cultivation of olive trees to the oil extraction methods used in the region. The formal certification for the organic production of oil is expected in the coming months. We chose the method of cold elision and the effect on the oil’s flavor and other characteristics can only be called impressive. We sent a sample of the oil to a specialized laboratory which confirmed the excellent quality of the product. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks and it is kept in the proper temperature until it is transferred for bottling. The family’s previous generations were also actively engaged in the olives’ market. This choice was certainly justified by the particular olive variety produced in our hilly and mountainous olive groves which are dry and produce a very tasty and tight variety. The standardization and marketing of traditionally preserved olives and olive paste will be the family’s next move in the area of olive products.


Country: GREECE

Company: MONOLIA P.C.