On 29 and 30 May, the CEO of Claudio Vignoli Group – a consulting company for the olive oil industry – will be on the jury of the 2021Canadian International Olive Oil Competition. Participating in international competitions is essential for EVOO producers who aim at expanding into new markets. However, there are many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. Let’s hear it from Claudio Vignoli, CEO of Claudio Vignoli Group and Founding Partner of Miami Olive Oil & Beyond

Jesi (Ancona), 22 March 2021 –

On 29 and 30 May, Claudio Vignoli – the CEO of Claudio Vignoli Group, a Jesi-based consulting company for the olive oil industry – will be on the jury of the 2021 Canadian International Olive Oil Competition (CIOΟC).

Claudio Vignoli and journalist and sommelier Marco Antonucci are the only Italians included in a panel of other 10 experts from Jordan, Greece, Israel, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

National and international industry competitions are essential for olive oil producers to promote their products. Companies nominated for an award obtain free visibility and increase their brand awareness. Moreover, awards are an excellent starting point for those interested in expanding into international markets: “Especially, in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Japan and some Southeast Asian countries, where consumers have a special regard for these acknowledgements and are keener to pay a higher price”, said Claudio Vignoli, who has been helping olive oil producers position themselves in international markets for 25 years.

Participating in CIOCC will let olive oil producers expand their network in Canada, a market that is extremely important for Italy since its the fourth largest importer of Italy’s extra virgin olive oil.” Today, the largest consumption pro capita is 1.5 litres per year. This value is lower than the European average yet higher than the US average consumption rate, which has increased by 26% in the last 10 years (Source: “Guida all’esportazione di olio di oliva” published by the CIA; editor’s note). 

“To seize all opportunities, producers must overcome a series of bureaucratic and commercial barriers. Every country has specific standards to comply with, including labelling. That’s why we need to be informed about all these aspects. For example, to export to Canada, you need a business number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to activate an import/export account. My company will help you solve these bureaucratic aspects,” said Claudio Vignoli.


Claudio Vignoli Group is a technical and commercial consultancy company based in Jesi (Ancona, Italy). It supports olive oil producers and olive oil producers expand into new markets, identifying the most suitable sales channels.

The company was established in 2007 by its current CEO and president, Claudio Vignoli, who has been in the olive oil production business for 25 years. Claudio Vignoli Group sells machinery, equipment and accessories for olive oil production and olive-growing as an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG).

The company’s mission is to provide agronomic, strategic and commercial advice. That’s why Claudio Vignoli and his partners interact every day with all the olive oil industry players, selecting the best oil quality and collaborating exclusively with reliable producers who commit to ensuring quality, authenticity and traceability.