Modern farmers are using a multitude of “best in class” systems, but the lack of interoperability is blocking many current and future use-cases. Making tools interoperable is preferable over replacing tools and this is the approach ATLAS research project follows. Making well established and specialized tools interoperable and leaving the decision about which tool to use to the end-user.

In other words, the objective of ATLAS is the development of an open digital interoperability network for the agricultural sector and in order to be able to exchange data via this network, frameworks as well as regulations, standards and data exchange concepts must be defined. In particular it is necessary to leverage the existing solutions and technologies offered by agricultural machinery manufacturers and related software providers.

The development of the ATLAS Interoperability Network is a bottom-up initiative involving stakeholders from all-important agricultural domains, focusing on technical interoperability which enables the exchange of information between different existing systems. As each of these participating systems is independent and built upon its own technical infrastructure, this leads to a distributed, non-centralized network of systems.