Lacon Olive Oil is active, already with great success, in the sector of production and bottling of organic and extra virgin olive oil coming from the historical region of Laconia. Our olive oil trees are located in a fertile plain ground, protected from the slopes of Kourkoula Mountain. We have the organic and extra virgin olive oil with the brand name “Lacon Olive Oil”. With respect to the historical significance of our place of origin we created a product of high quality, ready to meet the needs even of the most demanding consumer.

Protected from the slopes of Kourkoula Mountain, there begins a fertile valley that reaches the sea. There, the mature and full trees that our grandfathers used to take care of, as well as the new ones that we added, offer to Lacon Olive Oil products a unique fruit ratio. The climate, the special ground and the integrated management that we apply offer to our oil the uniqueness that characterizes it.


The fertile grounds of the land of Laconia offer their fruits to the human societies since millions of years. The country’s capital is Sparta, historically known as the second larger society of the Greek ancient world, already from 1100 BC. The widely known king of Sparta was Leonidas who in 480 BC, as the headman of 300 brave Spartan warriors, stopped the intrusion of the biggest army of the people of the Persian Empire.

Among all the categories of olive oil, the extra virgin olive oil is the one that keeps the benefits in higher grade, the fruity aroma and the rich and special olive flavour.

It is a product of natural and mechanical procedures that do not spoil it and it keep it away from any chemical process. Its acidity does not surpass 0,8%. In Lacon Olive Oil we have managed, thanks to the climate, the special ground and the complete administration, the acidity of the olive oil not to surpass the 0,3%. That is a factor that makes our olive oil special.

We highlight the wealth of Greek nature in every stage of production. We take care of the preservatives of the high quality and the unique flavour of Lacon Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Cold extraction

The fruit is collected in the morning and in the evening, it is transported to the olive oil mill. The olive oil is produced in the same day in contemporary establishments with the process of cold extraction. Thus, the nutritional substances and flavour of LACON Olive Oil remains unaltered.

LACON Olive Oil is stored in perfect conditions right after its production, where it stays until bottling, protected from removals and conditions that may spoil it.