Source: ANKARA- Anadolu Agency

The olive oil produced in Turkey’s southwestern town of Milas has earned a geographical indication from the EU, the Turkish Directorate for EU Affairs said on Dec. 26.

With this recognition that was applied for by Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Milas Olive Oil will be protected in the EU against all kinds of abuse, imitation and association.

A geographical indication is a sign used for products with a specific geographical origin, possessing qualities or reputation essentially based on natural and human factors of their place of origin.

Milas Olive Oil can be produced by the producers provided that the local production techniques in the registration certificate/product specification are complied with and that it is produced within the boundaries of the Milas district.

“Registration of a product as a geographical indication in our country and the EU ensures the preservation of the characteristics of the product in question and differentiation from similar products, increases its recognition and competitiveness, strengthens domestic demand and export potential, and contributes to the economy and employment of the region where it is produced,” the directorate said in a statement.

The statement added that the directorate will continue to provide all kinds of support for the registration of Turkish products in the EU.

Milas olive oil has been Turkey’s fifth product to have been officially registered by the EU, after the “Baklava of Antep/Gaziantep”, “Fig of Aydın”, “Apricot of Malatya” and “Chestnut of Aydın”.