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24 Jan 2021

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La linea “Oli d’Italia, Sabino Basso Selezioni” si caratterizza per una accurata ricerca tra le migliori Igp e Dop d’Italia, un vero e proprio viaggio tra le regioni italiane più interessanti dal punto di vista delle qualità delle produzioni olearie. A questo si aggiunge un’attenzione…



Olio nuovo days is a cultural movement created in 2014 to promote the best of olive oil. Our projects are gastronomic, though our tasting itinerary experience with Chefs, educational, with Olio Nuovo Kids, the first olive oil competition with a jury consisting exclusively of children,…


Anatolia’s oldest known olive oil press found in Antalya

The oldest olive oil press in Anatolia has been discovered in the ancient city of Lyrboton Kome in Antalya, but archaeologists have expressed special excitement at revelations that many of the olive oil facilities and the town itself was founded by a woman. “We are…


Olive Oil, Cornerstone of the Ikarian Diet

Centenarians of Ikaria might not know the countless ways olive oil can improve their health, they just know it works. It could be a long time until you’ll see a bottle of Ikarian olive oil at your local store: Production is small and the locals…


Olive Oil Prices Are Going Through the Roof

Hoarding oil of a new kind after terrible harvests in Italy, Spain and Greece. First came zucchini and eggplant shortages. Then Iceberg lettuce disappeared from European grocery shelves. Now erratic weather in Spain and Italy, the world’s biggest producers, is rippling through global olive oil…


Could Drones Be the Next Big Thing for the Australian Olive Industry?

With legislation making drone ownership easier and more affordable, many farmers are could find a more effective means of crop monitoring and maintenance. In the increasingly unstable world of farming, everything from volatile weather conditions, to pests and disease, to rising operational costs pose a…


In Puglia, Nearly Every Family Makes Its Own Olive Oil

A drive down the winding highways of Puglia, in the boot heel of Italy, passes through endless groves of olive trees. We zipped up and down the coast from one beautiful town to another, from Bari’s urban center to the rocky shores of Polignano a…


Is American Olive Oil About to Have Its Moment?

In 1976 the wine industry changed forever when a vintage from California was judged superior to its European counterparts. The same thing might be about to happen to olive oil. On a Sunday morning in Rome, a couple dozen locals gather in an orchard of…