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29 Oct 2020

Product Presentations


La Sicilia vince a Londra!

Oliove, olio extravergine d’oliva biologico IGP Sicilia, si è aggiudicato due medaglie di bronzo per la qualità e il packaging presso la London International Olive Oil Competitions (LIOOC 2020). Il riconoscimento si va ad aggiungere agli altri 10 già ottenuti nel corso degli anni. “Vorremmo…


In Puglia, Nearly Every Family Makes Its Own Olive Oil

A drive down the winding highways of Puglia, in the boot heel of Italy, passes through endless groves of olive trees. We zipped up and down the coast from one beautiful town to another, from Bari’s urban center to the rocky shores of Polignano a…


Is American Olive Oil About to Have Its Moment?

In 1976 the wine industry changed forever when a vintage from California was judged superior to its European counterparts. The same thing might be about to happen to olive oil. On a Sunday morning in Rome, a couple dozen locals gather in an orchard of…


Are Olive Seeds the Next Superfood?

Spanish olive company Grupo Olayo is pioneering new uses for previously discarded olive byproducts by extracting seeds from olive pits using special optical sorting technology, for possible pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic applications. The company, based in Spain’s Jaèn region, was founded just five years ago…


US company acquires Turkish olive oil and seed firm

U.S. agricultural products trader Bunge has moved to increase its presence in Turkey with the acquisition of olive oil and seed oil producer Ana Gıda. Ana Gıda is the owner of Komili, the market leading olive oil brand in Turkey with a retail market share…

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