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04 Aug 2021



What Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil Do to Our Arteries?

The relative paralysis of our arteries for hours after eating fast food and cheesecake may also occur after consuming olive oil. Olive oil was found to have the same impairment to endothelial function as high-fat foods like sausage and egg breakfast sandwiches. (See my video…


Oliduero To Increase Olive Oil Production By 75%

Spanish company Oliduero is expecting to produce 70,000 half litre bottles of premium extra virgin olive oil this year, increasing production volumes by 75% compared to 2015. As reported by, the company has over 100 hectares of traditional olive tree plantations plus 12 hectares of organic olive trees….


Top Shopping Tips for Buying the Best-Quality Olive Oil

The more scientists discover the health benefits of olive oil, the more brands of olive oil one finds on supermarket shelves. With the wide array of attractive bottles and labels and many claiming to be 100 percent pure, it is easy for the consumer to…


Italian olive oil brands integrate NFC for authentication and engagement

Italian olive oil brands Buonamici, La Ranocchiaia, SPO and Il Cavallino are integrating NFC tags into their product lines to enable authentication and enhance consumer engagement, by delivering product information and other relevant content to customers’ smartphones. The platform will be enabled through iOlive’s mobile…


Olive Oil from the Island of Šolta Now EU Protected

One more Croatian food product has been given geographical origin protection status from the European Union… The European Commission has approved the registration of another product name from Croatia as Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) – Šoltansko maslinovo ulje (Olive…


Greek chef wins world first prize for olive oil recipes

A Greek chef has been awarded the first prize for 2017 by the world renowned Italian guide for olive oil “FLOS OLEI”. The Greek restaurant of “Kapsaliana Village Hotel”, where winner Vasilis Leonidou is head chef, also won the award for best restaurant by “FLOS…


California Olive Oil Producers Extend Standards

The Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC) is launching a voluntary sampling and testing program for smaller producers. Under the law that established the OOCC three years ago, olive oil handlers who produce 5,000 gallons or more per year are required to participate in the…


Turkey’s Recurrent Olive Oil Crisis

Turkey’s olive oil exports have decreased from 92,000 tons to just 7,000 thousand tons since the 2012/2013 season due to the increase in prices and other factors. Davut Er, the head of Olive Oil Exporters Union said that Turkey can’t compete in the foreign market…